Thursday, 17 July 2014

Making Progress & Canada Day

Hey everybody.

We haven't updated in a while! We have been busy with work, life, and all the rest. I do have some exciting news though! The storage for Oceanus is completely paid off. That was one of the things holding us back from getting her down here. The P.O. (Previous Owner) had not paid off the storage like we were led to believe and obviously the marina was holding Oceanus hostage. So we scrounged up our pennies and set her free! Now the only thing left to do is get her shipped down to St Catharines so we can finally start working on her. Shipping is looking like it might cost us around $1000. Even after shipping costs, storage fees, etc, so far she is still worth it. I once heard that buying and working on a sailboat is like throwing your money into the ocean, literally. I am trying to look at it more like I am funding a life experience, not just a boat. I am investing in my home. I am getting into a new hobby. All of these things are true!

So I will update when we actually get her shipped down here!

On  another note, Alistair and I spent Canada day at Dock 6 with our pirate friend Brian! Hilarity and good times ensued.  Check out the video I made of the day.

Music in order:

Constant Surprises by Little Dragon
The City by Patrick Wolf
Night Air by Jamie Woon

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  1. Looks like so much fun! I want to come be a pirate with you when it's all ready :D